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Gard party-goers kill three sheep at rave…

Monday morning and Aimé Pellier made a gruesome discovery on the site of the former steel factory on which 2,000 ravers had illegally entered this weekend. Three of his sheep were slaughtered. Yesterday, we reported how the police had been…

MidiLibre/Scoop, Apr 27


Top French civil servant and her…

A top French civil servant is the latest public official to come under fire in France…

The Local, Apr 27


South-west on storm alert

Six departments are on storm and flood alert this morning, with Météo…

The Connexion, Apr 27


Strasbourg will remain EU capital,…

France would never allow Strasbourg to be stripped of its status as a European capital,…

The Local, Apr 27


600 GPs cautioned for over-charging

Six hundred GPs have been hit with a written warning after they decided to…

The Connexion, Apr 27



Roger Hodgson and his band

The legendary voice of Roger Hodgson - ex Supertramp, known for  “The Logical Song, ” “Breakfast in America, ” “Give a Little Bit, ” “Take the Long Way Home, ” “Dreamer, ” "It's Raining…

Aug 1 - Aug 1
Théâtre Jean Deschamps, Carcassonne




Features, Interviews & Letters


Hérault festivals suffer budget…

Béziers, Lodève or Montpellier, festivals and theatres in the Hérault…

MidiLibre/Scoop, Apr 20


Montpellier to miss out as Regional…

According to Europe 1, Toulouse is to be chosen as the new regional capital, preferred…

MidiLibre/Scoop, Apr 13


Council goes nude to cut car speeds

Councillors have posed nude for a shock poster calling on motorists to obey…

The Connexion, Apr 13


Hacked TV channel reveals passwords

A television network targeted in a sophisticated cyber-attack by pro-Islamic State…

rfi English, Apr 12