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Ex-airline boss: ‘Missing MH370 is a cover-up'

A former airline boss is making waves in France after he claimed that the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in March is a cover-up, and that the aircraft was likely hijacked by a hacker and possibly shot down by the US. In a…

The Local, Dec 19


Expect Christmas getaway road…

Drivers are warned that France’s major routes will be heavily congested…

The Connexion, Dec 19


Far-right mayor under fire for…

A French court on Friday said the far-right mayor of the north-eastern town of Hayange…

France 24, Dec 19


Legalization of cannabis would…

The legalization of cannabis, increased in price and as part of a public monopoly,…

MidiLibre/Scoop, Dec 19


Montpellier: a garland threatens…

Although the main entrance is closed as a precaution, the shopping centre remains…

MidiLibre/Scoop, Dec 19




Held in the 'salle rouge', Cinderella, choreographed by Thierry Malandain.   The choreographer brings twenty dancers on the set. True to the musical drama as classical technique, Thierry Malandain is powerful and sensual. 

Jan 8 - Jan 8
Le Théâtre*/Scène Nationale de Narbonne, Narbonne


ArtsSt Jean de Vedas

Croquis de SEM



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Midi-Pyrénées & Languedoc-Roussillon…

Parliament finally adopted the new map of France with 13 regions despite the fierce…

MidiLibre/Scoop, Dec 18


Larzac: Phantom Aygas lake re-appears

It is ten years since its last appearance. Many turned out late last week to…

Le Parisien/Scoop, Dec 11


French scallops cleaned in China…

Scallops pulled out of the waters off the western coast of France are taken on an…

The Local, Dec 10


Barn-full of antique cars headed…

One man’s forgotten hoard is, eventually, another’s treasure. That would…

New York Times, Dec 10