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Montpellier: 50 Granola™ packs stolen…

Bizarre - at the very least. Some burglaries are difficult to comprehend... just like the one committed on Tuesday night in La Paillade, Montpellier. In this nocturnal robbery, in addition to a camera, the three thieves stole 50 packets…

MidiLibre/Scoop, Aug 27


Top MP quits 'ultra-left' French…

One of the two leaders of the French ecologists' parliamentary group has quit the…

rfi English, Aug 27


Drug dealer caught handing out…

A drug dealer has been arrested after passing around flyers advertising his…

The Connexion, Aug 27


Journo 'tests' French rail security…

A Belgian journalist has managed to travel on a French train with a fake machine…

The Local, Aug 27


Coach drivers must take breath…

Breath tests will be obligatory for coach drivers after September 1 as all…

The Connexion, Aug 27



Ernest Pignon

Ernest Pignon, urban art. Vernissage - Friday 19th June at 18h30 Opening hours : Tuesday : 14h-18h, wednesday: 9h30-12h & 14h-18h, thursday : 9h30-12h, friday : 9h30-12h & 14h-18h, saturday : 14h-18h.

Jun 19 - Sep 20
Espace d'Art Contemporain, Bédarieux



MusicThézan des Corbières

Tante Jaco


Features, Interviews & Letters


EU inheritance law can help Britons…

The EU inheritance regulation, which came into force yesterday, benefits citizens…

The Connexion, Aug 18


France now has 11 emergency numbers

The launch of a new emergency phone number this week - for terror alerts and kidnappings…

The Connexion, Aug 11


Camel seen wandering in Béziers

There was an unusual sight in Béziers this Friday afternoon when a camel…

MidiLibre/Scoop, Aug 7


Man caught stealing luggage from…

This phenomenon is sometimes overlooked but is a very common offence: thefts from…

MidiLibre/Scoop, Aug 7