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100 employees evacuated due to nitric acid…

At Maureilhan, near Béziers (Hérault), the Trilles company had a nitric acid leak in a workshop on Monday afternoon. A hundred employees were evacuated. Nitric acid poured into a workshop of the company specialising in wholesale trading…

France 3/Scoop, Nov 20


24-year-old from Montpellier flashed…

Everyone seems to be in a hurry at the moment. Further to the excessive speeds reported…

LanguedocLiving, Nov 20


Butter crisis 'almost over'

New figures show that butter sales are returning to 'normal' levels, while milk…

The Connexion, Nov 20


The most desirable cars for thieves…

A motoring group has revealed which cars are the most commonly pinched in France.…

The Local, Nov 20


What the papers said 20 Nov 2017

The editorial of Le Monde looks back to last Thursday’s day of strikes and…

rfi English, Nov 20



X Trial FIM world championship 2018

X Trial FIM world championship 2018. Click on the website for more details.

Jan 13 - Jan 13
Arena - Montpellier, Perols



Ecce Terra



Features, Interviews & Letters


Two men shot in Fleury-d’Aude

Shots were fired on Wednesday evening at around 7pm in a bistro in Fleury-d’Aude,…

France 3/Scoop, Nov 16


Body discovered in the Canal du…

On Wednesday morning, a jogger made the macabre discovery of a body floating in…

MidiLibre/Scoop, Nov 8


Languedoc Living offices struck…

On Saturday night, the storms in the Haut Languedoc were much more severe than expected.…

LanguedocLiving, Nov 5


Reckless hunter charged with manslaughter

The hunter who killed a woman in her own garden by firing his gun through the…

France 3/Scoop, Oct 27