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Roujan thief - watch out!

Thanks to Sally Wheeldon from Roujan, l’Hérault for telling us about a woman who is using this method to steal jewellery from people. In Roujan, last Saturday morning, at about 10h30, I was in my car port - having put things away in the…

LanguedocLiving, Apr 28


Ronnie's review to 29 April 2017

By Ronnie Smith Paris, The Excitement Never Stops  Now that the two qualifiers…

LanguedocLiving, Apr 28


New move to target international…

Wealthy foreign residents who are living in France for a large part of the year…

The Connexion, Apr 28


National Front would-be leader…

Jean-François Jalkh will not become interim president of the far-right National…

Politico, Apr 28


France's defiant abstainers

Defiant abstainers say why they will refuse to heed the many calls to block Marine…

The Local, Apr 28



Book Sale in support of CSF

Friends of Cancer Support France-Languedoc run monthly Book sales throughout the year, with all proceeds donated to CSF. Please do go along and give them your support. If you haven’t already visited Maria’s Book Sale at Restaurant La Maison…

Nov 28 - Nov 28
La Maison, Tourbes



Pierre Parsus



Features, Interviews & Letters


Network of car thieves discovered

Three men from the Gard were arrested as part of an investigation into a huge network…

France 3/Scoop, Apr 27


Danger money for motorway staff?

Two motorway safety vehicles were hit in Occitanie, on the A9 and the A64. …

France 3/Scoop, Apr 7


EXCLUSIVE - We need to talk about…

Last week the Mirror published a story about Kevin Brennan and Emma Foulger,…

LanguedocLiving, Apr 2


Béziers man in prison for spying…

A man has been in court this week, has been given a sentence of three months in…

MidiLibre/Scoop, Mar 29