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'Hard' Brexit after May speech

In her speech today, Theresa May, British prime minister insisted that Britain is not willing to pay any price to secure what it wants. The U.K. would rather walk away with nothing than accept a punishment divorce settlement from Brussels, which, May…

LanguedocLiving, Jan 17


Three more flights from an Occitanie…

Milan, Southampton and Lyon are the next new destinations from Rodez-Aveyron airport,…

LanguedocLiving, Jan 17


L'étang de Thau oysters and mussels…

On Tuesday, 17 January, the prefecture of Hérault lifted the restrictive…

MidiLibre/Scoop, Jan 17


Angry viticulturists on A9

The winegrowers of the region are angry, and are condemning unfair competition with…

France 3 / Scoop, Jan 17


Appeal for witnesses on D62B at…

The Gard police launched an appeal for witnesses after the discovery of a body on…

France 3 / Scoop, Jan 17



British screen festival

Since 1997 in Nîmes, the British Screen Festival (Ecrans Britanniques) allows the public to discover movies and meet film writers, directors, producers and actors during a week of March. The Festival is one of the major cultural events in the region…

Feb 24 - Mar 5




Features, Interviews & Letters


Man arrested for murder of Bize-Minervois…

A man, resident of La Caunette, in the Hérault, was placed in custody in…

France 3 / Scoop, Jan 15


Suspected British paedophile caught…

A British suspected paedophile who had been on the run for almost three years has…

The Local, Jan 13


Carcassonne station corpse identified

On Monday, the body of a partially naked woman was found near Carcassonne station.…

France 3 / Scoop, Jan 11


'Happy Card' unlimited train travel

The national railway company SNCF is introducing a new youth card that will allow…

The Local, Jan 10