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French bureaucrats go after baker for 22…

A retired pastry maker from the south of France was given a nasty shock this week when French authorities threatened to take legal action against him over an unpaid debt. He stands accused of owing 22 centimes to the state. A stamp in France costs 59…

The Local, Sep 2


Escaped British killer surrenders…

After four days on the run, an escaped mentally ill British man has returned to…

The Local, Sep 2


Drunken man fires gun in campsite…

At around 4pm on Sunday a totally drunk man with 1.6 grams of alcohol in his…

MidiLibre/Scoop, Sep 2


Tragic toddler accident in Vergèze

In an alarming near-repeat on Monday afternoon of a recent tragic accident…

MidiLibre/Scoop, Sep 2


Mother and baby die in collapsed…

A mother and child were found dead on Monday night by firefighters in the rubble…

MidiLibre/Scoop, Sep 2



Terres d'Oc

Pottery exhibition

Jun 21 - Sep 2
Musée de Vulliod St Germain, Pézenas




MusicThézan des Corbières

Santandréa Jazz Band

Features, Interviews & Letters


Nazi general didn't save Paris:…

The last Nazi commander in charge of Paris famously claimed he saved the City of…

The Local, Aug 31


Ten ways expats in France can…

[ED - We aren’t in agreement with everything in this article from the…

The Local, Aug 29


Expat pensioners and UK bank accounts

Expat pensioners claim they are being inconvenienced by their inability to open…

Daily Telegraph, Aug 24


Charitable, environmentally sound…

Lots of people know about CSF Languedoc’s existence, providing practical and…

CSF-Languedoc, Aug 24