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Lorry blocks Lunel town centre for hours

The turning was definitely too tight for this driver, when in the late afternoon, he totally blocked traffic on the N113, in the centre of Lunel. To get start, police helped by moving a legally parked car at the corner of two streets.

MidiLibre/Scoop, Sep 3


Votes for expats: Plan to end…

The Conservative party in the UK has made a bid to woo expat voters by pledging…

The Local, Sep 3


Fake architect built schools for…

A 60-year-old Frenchman, who pretended to be a qualified architect and was behind…

rfi English, Sep 3


Julie Gayet wins privacy suit…

A French court has fined two tabloid magazine executives and a photographer over…

The Local, Sep 3


Crackdown on unemployment benefit…

French Labour Minister François Rebsamen on Tuesday said he wanted the country’s…

France 24, Sep 3



Isolde and Kunibert Fritz

Exhibition of paintings by Isolde and Kunibert Fritz. Kunibert says: "I use the Fibonacci sequence in my paintings. Fibonacci was one of the most important mathematicians in the Middle Ages. He pointed out a series of figures that do not need…

Sep 14 - Sep 28
Centre Ulysse - Gare Expo,




Features, Interviews & Letters


Nazi general didn't save Paris:…

The last Nazi commander in charge of Paris famously claimed he saved the City of…

The Local, Aug 31


Ten ways expats in France can…

[ED - We aren’t in agreement with everything in this article from the…

The Local, Aug 29


Expat pensioners and UK bank accounts

Expat pensioners claim they are being inconvenienced by their inability to open…

Daily Telegraph, Aug 24


Charitable, environmentally sound…

Lots of people know about CSF Languedoc’s existence, providing practical and…

CSF-Languedoc, Aug 24