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We have a new sports correspondent, who is taking an irreverent look at world sporting events and all sorts of sports much closer to home here in the Languedoc.  Don't miss the sporting news There's useful information, a fair slice of cynicism and hopefully more than a sprinkle of good humour.   Click on SPORTS to keep up to date with the World Cup, and of course the Tour de France very soon.  If you have any comments for "BB", click on 'Send us a LETTER' on the right.  He reads all your comments.


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Five children die in French minibus crash

Five children and an adult died in a road crash near the city of Troyes in central France on Tuesday when their minibus collided head-on with a lorry travelling in the opposite direction, French authorities said. According to local media reports the…

MidiLibre/Scoop, Jul 22


Englishman (OK, English speaker)…

Australian rider Michael Rogers won stage 16 of the Tour de France [he speaks English!…

The Local, Jul 22


Drug dealers in the Gard sent…

Last Tuesday, four men from the Gard, three of them without prior criminal…

MidiLibre/Scoop, Jul 22


Rising water traps eight cavers…

Eight cavers who had become trapped overnight in a famous cave system in the French…

The Local, Jul 22


Green algae: French government…

A French court on Monday blamed the French government for the decomposing toxic…

rfi English, Jul 22



The Two Painters

An event for children - two painters, one paints in black, and the other in white.  

Jul 27 - Jul 27
LA GUINGUETTE DE Monsieur Cyclopède, Le Poujol sur Orb




MusicLe Poujol sur Orb

La Déraille

Features, Interviews & Letters


A film buff's delight

With so many films available now to watch at home, you’re spoilt for choice.…

LanguedocLiving, Jul 21


Oysters in the Languedoc – behind…

The Étang de Thau is home to some 800 producers of oysters and mussels and,…

LanguedocLiving, Jul 16


Light and Colours

The light and colours in the Languedoc are legendary. It has long been a place where…

LanguedocLiving, Jul 14


Bastille Day in France: It's NOT…

Géraldine Lepère from Comme une Française has written…

Géraldine Lepère, Jul 11