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We have a new sports correspondent, who is taking an irreverent look at world sporting events and all sorts of sports much closer to home here in the Languedoc.  Don't miss the sporting news There's useful information, a fair slice of cynicism and hopefully more than a sprinkle of good humour.   Click on SPORTS to keep up to date with the World Cup, and of course the Tour de France very soon.  If you have any comments for "BB", click on 'Send us a LETTER' on the right.  He reads all your comments.


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5 dead due to driver on Cocaine, another…

In a shocking sequence of events on Friday, 5 people were killed when their car was hit by a lorry whose driver was found to be under the influence of cocaine. Later that evening, the partner of one victim and father of another took his own life.…

MidiLibre/Scoop, Jul 27


600km traffic jams as French head…

Thousands of motorists were caught in 600km of traffic jams on France’s…

rfi English, Jul 27


American tries to scale Mont Blanc…

A French mayor has blasted a US dad and self-confessed “adrenaline junkie”…

France 24, Jul 27


Failed firebomb attack on Toulouse…

A man has been arrested after an unsuccessful Molotov cocktail attack on a Jewish…

rfi English, Jul 27


Scores of arrests at banned pro-Gaza…

It what now seems like a weekly ritual, French police arrested 70 people at a banned…

The Local, Jul 27



Patricia LEROUX,

Exhibition by painter Patricia LEROUX Organised by Maison Mirondela, it is held at the Hôtel Flottes de Sebasan, Place Gambetta, Pézenas.

Jul 31 - Aug 31
Pézenas, Pézenas




Features, Interviews & Letters


A film buff's delight

With so many films available now to watch at home, you’re spoilt for choice.…

LanguedocLiving, Jul 22


Oysters in the Languedoc – behind…

The Étang de Thau is home to some 800 producers of oysters and mussels and,…

LanguedocLiving, Jul 16


Light and Colours

The light and colours in the Languedoc are legendary. It has long been a place where…

LanguedocLiving, Jul 14


Bastille Day in France: It's NOT…

Géraldine Lepère from Comme une Française has written…

Géraldine Lepère, Jul 11