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16-year-old beaten up for a bike

France 3/Scoop, Oct 12

A teenager was the victim of a violent assault by at least 15 young people in Carcassonne. He suffered damage to his head, concussion, and a broken wrist. The investigation will be difficult because the surveillance camera did not work properly.

The incident took place around 3 pm in front of the salle du sport New Gym, along the boulevard Omer-Sarraut. The reason the attack took place, was because the attackers wanted to steal his bike.

Antoine Esteban, the father of the victim, said ”one of the young aggressors wanted to take my son’s bike, but he did not allow it to be taken. From then, other members of the group started to attack him, raining down blows. Eventually there were between 15 and 20 of them all attacking my son.”

The victim’s father was able to get his son to the hospital, where his wounds were treated.

Two young people from Viguier and Maquens, already known to the police, were arrested but had to be released. The camera which should have filmed the attack only recorded the departure of the group of the aggressors, because it did not rotate properly.

The young victim has been told to stay off work for 80 days.

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