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253 cartons of cigarettes seized, two arrests

MidiLibre/Scoop, Jun 7

Two Russians were arrested at Toulouse-Blagnac airport with 253 cartons of contraband cigarettes. The two passengers, a man and a woman, were traveling on a flight from Amsterdam.

The cartons were divided into four pieces of luggage.

The two people had embarked in St. Petersburg, Russia. One of them was resident in Spain, according to a customs statement.

In their luggage, 253 cartons of contraband cigarettes of different brands, valued at around €20,000, were seized. The two people were placed in customs detention and handed over to the PAF service at the airport.

“The origin of the tobacco seems to be Armenia”, said the customs officials.

Locally, contraband cigarettes are bought mainly in Andorra.

In April, the Andorran and French customs symbolically launched the first checks with mixed customs teams under a new bilateral agreement to improve the fight against cigarette smuggling.

France increased the price of cigarettes on March 1, so that now a packet of Marlboro Rouge or Gauloises blondes is €8, whereas in Andorra the price is around €3 for these same packets.

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