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30 year old shoots his mother (by mistake?)

France 3/Scoop, Apr 18

In the early hours of Monday morning , a 30 year-old man fired several shots in the quiet neighbourhood of Le Moulinet, in Saint-Ambroix, Gard.

According to neighbours, the man had a good relationship with his parents, but something happened on that night. Was it an argument, was it an enormous mistake? What ever happened, the man fired several shots, and the pellets hit three people, including his mother, who later died of her wounds. Two other men were injured, a 49 year old man, and a 30 year old man.

One of the neighbours said "I knew them well, I went to their house several times, they were lovely people." He pointed out that the son got along very well with his parents and that he could not in any way intend to kill his mother. "They were lovely people, a nice family. Now, it's a family that is wiped out."

According to the police, it was possibly a dispute which was linked to a hunting problem, and the mother intervened to separate the two men. 

The investigations continues.


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