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500km of traffic jams, and more to come

The Connexion, Jul 22

Almost 500km of traffic jams were recorded across France on Saturday, with the worst driving day of the summer so far predicted to be Saturday August 4.

Traffic forecaster Bison Futé has classified the first Saturday of August as “black (extremely difficult circulation)”.

It had predicted a “red day” on Saturday this weekend, as families set off in the direction of the Mediterranean and Spain.

Next Saturday (July 28) is also predicted to be “red” (the second-worst alert, just under black) in the departure direction, and orange for returns. Next Sunday July 29 will be green on both days, except for the east of the country, which will see a pocket of orange.

During a red or black alert, families are always advised to set off very early or late, or travel on a different day, to avoid the worst of the roads.

This is the equivalent of a traffic jam stretching from Paris to Lyon, completely gridlocked. It marks a spike in traffic compared to last Saturday, where queues reached 230km.

Journeys were calculated to be taking almost three times’ longer than usual.

The worst jam was seen in the Drôme, north of Valence, with over 67km recorded in a single line, just before 13h.

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