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A 14-year-old embarks on a four-month sea voyage

France 3/Scoop, Sep 7

On Friday Thomas Lesage, a 14 year old teenager from the suburbs of Toulouse embarked on a boat for a trip of 4 months on the seas. The 14-year-old wants to educate schoolchildren in Europe and Africa about protecting the oceans.

Global warming, sustainable development, the protection of the oceans ... At 14, Thomas Lesage has already realised the importance of raising awareness on these topics.

The young Toulouse boy left this Friday, September 7th aboard a boat chartered by Class Afloat with about sixty other teenagers. He will go on his journey to meet other children from nine to 11 years old. The goal is to make them aware of the protection of the oceans through a program he himself has prepared.

He has partners including CNES and Mercator Océan. He also created a non-profit organisation called “Children for the Oceans” which he hopes will become a community of children around the world working to save the oceans.”

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