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Aigues-Mortes driver indicted, as injuries rise to 16

LanguedocLiving, Oct 9

The driver of the car in Aigues-Mortes, who caused an accident which injured 13 people on Sunday has been indicted.

She is charged with aggravated involuntary injuries, dangering the lives of others, and driving under the influence of drink and drugs.

The young woman from Brest admitted to taking cocaine. The driver, and her partner are being held in custody. Meanwhile, the number of reported injuries has gone up to 16.

Cars such as these, known as “voiture de fête” have now been banned pending investigations.

The prefecture has decided to go ahead with the festival for next weekend, despite this reckless accident on Sunday, and the demise of a pedestrian on Saturday after she was struck by a bull.

[It remains to be seen how much longer the authorities will allow activities such as bull running to continue. Ed]

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