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Airline strikes continue

France 3/Scoop, Jul 16

Air France subsidiary Hop! pilots are continuing their strike for their working conditions.

On Sunday 100 flights were cancelled across France. The next strike is scheduled to take place on Thursday, with two unions representing 73% of the votes (SNPL and FUC).

Apparently, travellers have been treated fairly shoddily, with them having to check the websites to find out whether or not their flights have been cancelled.

The management reached an agreement with the SPL (23% of the pilot votes), but the negotiations failed with the FUC (16%) and, above all, with the SNPL, mainly due to disagreements on working conditions.

For example, the company wants to be able to “modify our schedule without limit up to 48 hours before", while at Air France, "the schedule is published 30 days before and is stable."

The possibility of “extraordinary holidays” or guarantees on the number of weekends worked in a row are also part of the demands of the pilots, who are "tired" and facing a "shortage of manpower".

In its latest statement issued on Friday, the SNPL said that it remains "at the disposal of the management if it chooses to calm down."

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