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Apples contain animal products?

LanguedocLiving, Sep 21

You may have read the recent reports about animal substances being found in various non-meat foods on the high street shelf. Here’s the list in full. Some are fairly obvious, but we were surprised to see apples on the list.

The full list of products from Foodwatch is as follows:

Panier de Yoplait 0% yoghurts - in raspberry, strawberry, cherry and blackberry (beef gelatine)

Nestlé Viennois chocolate yoghurts (pork gelatine)

Carrefour Tiramisu (pork gelatine)

Carte d’Or Desserts Ice Cream with meringue and strawberry pieces (shellac from insects)

Auchan Raspberry Macaron (beef gelatine)

L’Authentique Petit Ourson Guimauve marshmallow bears (pork gelatine)

Haribo Chamallows marshmallows (pork gelatine)

Fuji apples (shellac from insects)

Cassegrain broad beans with onions and carrots (chicken stock)

Système U Comté A.O.P. (rennet)

Red Orangina (carmin acid from cochineal beetles)

Some wines (gelatin and/or fish oil)

Source: The Connexion

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