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Augustin Hanicotte – Collioure 1915-1945

Musée d'Art moderne de Collioure, Collioure.   |  On until Dec 31

The Modern Art Museum of Collioure is presenting the exhibition Augustin Hanicotte – Collioure 1915-1945: the sublimated city [la ville sublimée] from 20 May to 31 December 2017.

Born in 1870 in Béthune, Hanicotte took up residence in Banyuls then in Collioure in 1915 after parts of his life had been spent in Paris, in Brittany and at Vollendam in Holland. Attracted by the climate, the light, the beauty of the landscapes and picturesque characters among the fishermen, he captured the very essence of the life of the Catalan port by taking up Matisse’s vital lead and thought. Hanicotte paints the same places, the huge sails, the trees on the hill of Ambeille, fig trees and as a backdrop the church tower and the life of the fishing port.

He executes portraits of local characters and the people he frequents as Matisse did some years previously. Preserving his own style – the one that he brought back with him from Volendam, imbued with a nostalgia for the Flemish school of painting – he retains the same way of depicting the subject but with stronger colours, colours that bloom in the sunlight.

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