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Autumn colours

LanguedocLiving, Jan 5

Now that the temperatures are starting to drop, and some of you have already seen snow on the highlands, we thought we’d share some photos to remind you of the wonderful Autumn colours we get in the region.

The Languedoc Photography Group, run by Pam Smith, Hérault, submitted some lovely photographs for the Languedoc Living competition.

In first place is Suzy Annett-Brown of her photo of golden vine leaves.

Suzy said "I had glanced out of the window and recognised that honey glow on the old wall opposite which announced that the sun was setting into a beautiful sky. I expected the light to fade before I’d got my camera and run down the end of the road and the vineyards to get a clear view of the sunset, so went on doing what I was doing. Then the light on the wall changed and I knew there was something special going on. I grabbed my Nikon and flew down to the autumn vines just in time for the sun to hide behind the only cloud in the sky. I waited and waited and realised that I was too late. I was about to turn back when, as if by magic, the bronze sun threw its final, glorious rays over the golden vineyards and I snapped away like a crazed thing and rushed back to gloat over my booty. And to think that I’d nearly let it pass. Moral: nothing ventured, nothing gained!"

In second place is Cathy Dumas for her photo of the Orb valley, from her "secret spot"!

If you want to join the group, click on this link, and ask to join. It’s very simple!

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