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Beaten up because sacred siesta wasn’t possible

France 3/Scoop, Aug 1

Christophe, manager of a creperie in Saint-Marie near Perpignan, is in shock. He and his employee now run their service with a knot in their stomach, as they have been victims of physical and mental aggression for the last two months.

When they first opened the creperie in April, relations with the pensioner living in a house on the terrace of the creperie seemed courteous. But things quickly degenerated.

“He started warning me that if there was noise, there would be trouble,” said Christophe. “I told him I did not run a bar, there would be no music or television.”

Things escalated in June when the pensioner stormed the premises at 2pm in the afternoon and insulted the waitress, the manager and the customers. He screamed “shut your mouth, I can’t sleep!”

On July 4th, the tension went up a notch. At around 1 pm, four older guests sat quietly talking when suddenly the pensioner, red with anger, appeared again behind the fence. Two other men arrived, and “they went straight to Christophe, they did not come to talk but to punch,” the employee said, “they threw him to the ground, they kicked and punched him, grabbed my hair and dragged me into the room, then they went on beating Christophe. They hit me in the face and broke my glasses."

A client tried to film the scene, but his phone was ripped from his hands and stamped on. That’s when the police arrived, and Christophe was taken to hospital. He had fractured ribs, five stitches and eight days off work.

He filed a complaint, as did his employee and the abused client.

According to our sources, the accused were questioned by the police and the file was sent to the public prosecutor.

In the meantime, the pensionner has erected a cement wall in front of his house to block his view of the creperie.

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