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Bedbug plague in Montpellier

LanguedocLiving, Oct 5

There is a bedbug plague in at least two of the campus buildings at Montpellier university.

The “Syndicat de combat universitaire de Montpellier”, with the unfortunate acronym of SCUM, has protested against the outbreak, and even created an online petition about the bugs in the Triolet and Boutonnet buildings.

The medication to combat the bugs are not reimbursed, and students are outraged.


Like its cousin the mosquito, the bedbug is hematophagous, that is to say that it feeds on human blood. Hygiene therefore has no connection with its presence, but it proliferates with the heat. Bites create itching, swelling, or even an allergic reaction.

To prevent an infestation, you must act quickly. First, vacuum everywhere, especially in small cracks and crevices, not to mention the bedding, mattress and headboard. Close the vacuum bag tightly, dispose of it, and clean your hoover. Wash the linen at 60 ° minimum. If it is not possible to wash your linen at a high temperature, then put it in the freezer in closed bags for at least 72 hours.

Reader Jane wrote in to say:

"As regards the bed bugs, there is a product called diotomaceous earth, which is a natural product.  It is a very fine powder, made from ground fossils. It physically cuts the bedbugs and they dehydrate.

"Its not expensive and last a long time...put in cracks and crevices it lasts for years.  En plus... It works!"

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