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Best days for travelling, and most camera flashes

LanguedocLiving, Jun 12

Planning a trip? A study by INRIX found the following times to be the best and worst for traffic congestion in France:

• Worst Traffic Day: Thursday

• Worst Week Day Morning: Tuesday

• Worst Commuting Hour: Tuesday 8:00-9:00

• Worst Afternoon Commute: Friday

• Best Week Day for Traffic: Monday

• Best Week Day Morning: Friday

• Best Week Day Commuting Hour: Monday 6:00-7:00

• Best Week Day Afternoon: Monday

What about the cameras?  Top two in Languedoc! 

One speed cam on the A9 near Montpellier flashed an incredible 411,352 times in 2016, achieving the top score in the country, partially because it was moved around the area five times in one year.

The fixed speed camera with the highest flash rate in the country was on the A9, in the Nîmes-Béziers direction, handing out a total of 159,520 speeding tickets.


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