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Big fire between Bessan and Vias: three hurt

France 3/Scoop, Jul 16

On Saturday afternoon, there was a major fire between Bessan and Vias, in the Hérault. The fire quickly took hold and the RD612A was cut off. Three firefighters were injured.

Around 4pm, between 20 and 30 hectares of scrubland and grass was on fire. The RD 612A was cut in both directions and the A9 was under threat of closure.

One firefighter suffered a head injury, another had a leg injury, and the third one was treated for heat exposure. Seven teams of firefighters were at the scene, and in total around 240 firefighters were involved. Three Canadair planes were also at the scene, to try and prevent the fire from spreading.

To complicate matters, at the same time there were three other fires to deal with - in Marseillan (2 hectares), Saint-André-de-Sangonis (2 hectares) and Florensac (less than one hectare).

The origin of the fire was accidental, said a firefighter, and the alert was made very quickly.

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