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Bomb clearing begins in Villeneuve-lès-Béziers

France 3/Scoop, Nov 5

War ammunition search operations began on Monday, downstream from the Villeneuve-lès-Béziers lock in the Canal du Midi. They are looking for bombs and ammunitions dating from the Second World War.  It will continue until Thursday.

Mine experts are working on the recovery of unexploded bombs which will then be disabled or exploded.

Christian Pouget, sub-prefect of Béziers, along with Jean-Paul Galonnier, mayor of Villeneuve-lès-Béziers and the head of the mine clearance service, were on the construction site this Monday morning.

The centre is closed, the traffic is prohibited, and about fifty inhabitants have been evacuated.

Over the years, more than 200 kilograms of explosives have been removed from the Canal du Midi in Villeneuve-lès-Béziers.

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