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Campers allowed back after huge fire

France 3/Scoop, Aug 11

Holiday-makers who were evacuated from the campsite near Saint-Pons-de-Mauchiens have been allowed back into their tents and caravans.

After more than 36 house being taken care of at Villeveyrac, everyone was pleased to get back to the important task of having a holiday.

As soon as they arrived back, the tourists and the owner of the campsite inspected the site, and the good news is that virtually everything was found to be intact.

There was news of a man creeping through the vines to get back to the campsite on Thursday, because his cat was missing. Opening up a tin of sardines got the attention of his cat, who had survived the fires which destroyed hundreds of hectares of land. He brought the cat back to the temporary makeshift site, which the Mairie of Villeveyrac had set up.

The firefighters and the authorities have been highly praised for their quick reactions, and sensitive handling of the removal of over 500 people from the danger zone areas.

Hopefully the sun will come out at the weekend to cheer up the shocked holiday-makers.

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