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Car insurance cost to rise 3% nationally in 2018

The Connexion, Mar 5

National annual insurance premiums are set to rise by 3%, to over €600 per car on average in 2018, with Marseille the most expensive city country-wide, and Brittany seeing the highest percentage rise, of 4.8%.

Figures from online comparison website suggest that the average national car insurance price will rise by 2.6% this year.

This means that the average cost will reach €607-€613 per policy as a result.

The price also depends on where you live.

The highest-cost city is Marseille, where average figures will reach €756. The average cost in the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur in general is high too, at €636.

This is just €24 less than the highest national average price of €660, in Ile-de-France (a rise of 0.5% in 2018).

The lowest prices are in Brittany, where drivers will pay just €515 on average.  Yet, Brittany will also suffer the highest percentage point rise, at 4.8%, just ahead of Grand Est, where prices will rise by 4.6% (for a still-low average cost of €580).

The spike in price has been blamed on the reported national rise in injuries on the roads (up 2% in 2017), and “significant weather events” in the same year, including flooding and damaging storms.

“The most significant example is Storm Zeus, which hit Brittany in March 2017 and directly impacted the cost of the region (up 4.8%),” explains Martin Coriat, general director of, speaking to Le Figaro newspaper.

Car insurance is mandatory in France.

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