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Cheap SNCF tickets for the Christmas holidays?

MidiLibre/Scoop, Oct 15

SNCF has launched a sale of tickets at ‘preferential rates; for the Christmas period.

The day after the opening of the ticket office, Midi Libre made the comparisons from the stations of Béziers, Montpellier and Nîmes and to the major French cities in the period 24 December-29 December. To enjoy the best rates, you are going to have to travel at pretty inconvenient times, and the price drops are not all they are made out to be.

From Béziers, count on average 118€ return to Paris, 62.50€ for Lyon and 207€ for Lille with a change of station. But to make the trip Paris-Béziers, it’s over 200€.

Under the same conditions, the best price for a Montpellier-Paris was 70€, 50€ for Lyon, 134€ for Lille and 134€ for Strasbourg.

From Nîmes, it is showing 70€ to Paris, 134€ for Lyon and 173€ for Lille.

Things get complicated when you want to go to the provinces, like many students and Languedocians who wish to spend the holidays with the family. “I took advantage of preferential rates last year to visit my parents in Angers”, said Christelle. “In 2017, I paid 25€ from Nîmes and the return was around 100€. This year, the prices offered for the same dates are 89€ one way and 142€ return … “

There have been many complaints on social media about this year’s prices. SNCF have tried to justify ticket prices by the strong demand around the Christmas period.

The holiday season is one of the most important of the year for the carrier, it seems they have decided not to be as generous as last year.

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