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Child wounded by a syringe in Montpellier

MidiLibre/Scoop, Mar 18

A little boy got pierced with a syringe while playing in a Montpellier park last week. The child is being monitored and is waiting for the results of his blood tests. His father, worried but combative, decided to file a complaint against X.

On Sunday, March 11, the eight-year-old boy was injured when he walked on an addict's syringe while he was playing with his parents in the Parc de la Garland, in Montpellier.

In recent years, used syringes have been found in several places in Montpellier.

The boy has been placed on a 31 day program of ‘triple therapy’ as a precaution.

The family has filed a complaint against X and they are also considering an action against the mayor of Montpellier, partially to create a larger awareness of the problem.

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