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Communes ban plastic food trays

The Connexion, Mar 1

Plastic food trays in school canteens will soon be consigned to history in six communes in the Haut Médoc.

The communes of Blanquefort, Bruges, Pian-Médoc, Taillan-Médoc, Ludon-Médoc and Parempuyre have decided to replace food trays with 100% plant-fibre trays by June 2018.

The new trays are made at a paper factory in Saillat (Haute-Vienne), and are completely compostable. They will replace the current trays that some experts have argued can leach endochrine disruptors into pre-cooked food as it is being reheated.

Authorities in Bordeaux will watch the scheme with interest. Mayor Alain Juppé has already stated his intent to remove plastic dishes from school canteens.

[Let’s hope the scheme is adopted in other communes. Ed]

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