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Daniel Malgouyres from St. Adrien is released

France 3/Scoop, Nov 7

Daniel Malgouyres who was involved in the robbery of his estate in Servian, was released from detention this week.

He had been in Béziers prison since 19 October 2017.

What are the facts

October 5, 2017: a burglary goes badly wrong in Servian. Daniel Malgouyres shot one of the two thieves. The second fled. No weapon was found on the spot.

October 7 2017: Daniel Malgouyres is released, but indicted for murder.

October 21 2017,: Daniel Malgouyres is remanded in custody after the arrest of the second burglar in Perpignan on October 19 who claimed that Daniel, the owner of the gardens of St. Adrien organised the burglary.

Mid-January 2018: large amounts of money are found in the property in Servian, but also in a field in the Gard.

June 2018: two acquaintances of the Malgouyres couple are arrested in the Gard and incarcerated. Both involve Daniel Malgouyres.

October 8 2018: Daniel Malgouyres and his lawyer, Jean-Marc Darrigade, make a fourth application for release. The investigating chamber dismissed it on 10 October.  Daniel's wife accuses him of trying to kill her in a horse accident.

November 6 2018: Daniel Malgouyres is released after his fifth request. He is under judicial control and must live with family in the Pyrénées-Orientales. He is forbidden to stay in the Hérault.

On the prison steps, he hugged his lawyer saying “Well done, Jean-Marc, I love you, it’s crazy what I’ve been through…I can see my daughter, you can not imagine how I lived, I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long.”

On several occasions, Daniel Malgouyres hugged his lawyer, Jean-Marc Darrigade, who after the fifth request, has managed to get his client released from jail. "From the first second, Mr. Darrigade knew that I was innocent, so why not others? Why did nobody believe me?”

Eyes reddened by emotion, he answered some questions from journalists who gathered outside the prison gates.

How did you cope with the detention?

"Let me recover a little. I have been waiting for this moment for so long. You do not realise what it’s like to be in jail. I have never been in a prison before. My wife and I had forty years of happiness. One night it all went wrong. It was two ferocious beasts that were there against us. We were very lucky.”

What about the gun shot?

"I am terrified of the action I had to take. It was my life at risk, it was my wife Francoise’s life at risk. I beg for forgiveness from his wife and children, but what can you do in that situation? I had to defend us.”

Then you got thrown into jail…

"Yes, I was locked up without any proof. There was nothing, just the statements.”

Was it hard for you?

"It was terrible. I overcame the test thanks to my character, my ability to adapt. When one is put into the claws of justice, it is terrible.”

Are you still saying that you are innocent?

“Yes, 100 percent! All the proof is there. They have no proof against me. I was betrayed by my best friend in whom I had total confidence. If there is a single proof that I am guilty I will sell my estate and donate it to Cancer League, and you can throw me back in jail.”

Now, what are you going to do?

I'm leaving for the Pyrénées-Orientales. My goal is to reunite my family, which is now totally splintered.

Did this objective help you in prison?

"Yes, otherwise, I would have hanged myself. I calculated how to do it, how many centimetres would I need so that my feet wouldn’t touch the floor. I was going to use my sheets. I wanted to die.”

The case continues, but for now, Daniel is a free (ish) man.

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