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Daniel Malgouyres is back in prison!

MidiLibre/Scoop, Nov 8

Yesterday we reported that Daniel Malgouyres was released from Béziers prison after a year in jail, following the events of the burglary at Jardin Saint-Adrien, in Servian (Hérault) in October last year. He hugged his lawyer while answering journalists’ questions.

When he left the prison, he was ordered to stay out of Hérault, and to go straight to Pyrénées-Orientales.

Instead of leaving the department when he was released, he decided to stay with his daughter Aurélie in Servian, apparently thinking that his court order started on Thursday not Wednesday.

He also had another difficulty, in that he has no identity papers for the judicial review, because his wife has them, and he has been forbidden to contact her because she is a civil party in the investigation.

Daniel’s lawyer advised him to go to the Pézenas police on Wednesday to report this difficulty.

The Pézenas police called the Béziers magistrate to report that Daniel was still in the Hérault, whereupon the magistrate ordered his arrest.

Daniel’s lawyer, Jean-Marc Darrigade was indignant, “This treatment is inhuman”.

No doubt Daniel does not feel like hugging his lawyer today.

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