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Demonstrations against reforms

France 3/Scoop, Sep 12

Several demonstration events took place in the region, against the labour reforms proposed by Macron.

In Montpellier there were around 2,500 parading in the centre, 5,000 in Perpignan, and 800 in Carcassonne, according to local police.

Buses of protesters going to Montpellier, from Béziers in particular, were stuck on the A709, due to another blockade by fairground staff, who were protesting against an order. The order in question requires municipalities to organise a call for tenders for all public site events.

Fairgounds had promised to block the roads all day - on Monday morning, fairground staff were blocking the A709 between Saint-Jean-de-Védas and Montpellier, and they planned to blockade Lunel later in the day.

They caused several kilometres of traffic jams on the A709, and even more on the A9.

For the fairgrounders, this ordinance announces the "death of their trade" and puts an end to a tradition where the fairgrounds return to the same place each year.

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