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Devastation and 10 dead in floods in the Aude

LanguedocLiving, Oct 15

In the worst floods for 100 years in the Aude, 10 people are known to have lost their lives during Sunday night and Monday.

Waters rose as high as first floor windows, and one person is known to have been swept away as she slept. A Catholic nun was sleeping in her house in Villardonnel, close to Carcassonne, and her body was found in the river at 3am by rescue services.

The river Trapel now divides Villegaihenc, as a bridge was completely swept away. Four people are known to have died in the small town.

Raging waters collapsed a house in Cuxac-d’Aude, killing a resident who was inside the house.

In total, nine people died in the commune of Trébes, which was the worst hit by the rains.  A total of 10 people are known to have lost their lives in the Aude, and five people are reported as very badly injured.

The river Limoux burst its banks during mid Monday morning.

Meanwhile, a tornado hit Narbonne plage at 9:30 on Monday morning, ripping trees out of the ground, and causing devastation in its wake.

In Séte, the waves were recorded at six metres high, as the storm headed east.

Many roads were closed, and the Aude is still on vigilance red.

160 mm to 180 mm of rain fell in just a few hours around Carcassonne, the equivalent of three months of rain in five hours.

By 11:30am on Monday the Hérault, the Pyrénées-Orientales and the Tarn were on orange alert for floods.

Midi Libre published a video taken with a drone, showing the extent of the floods.

Rivers all over the region are raging, and residents are looking on nervously, hoping that the rains will abate soon.

[Reports said 13 people lost their lives, the number was subsequenftly corrected to 10.  Ed]

Source: Midi Libre, France 3

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