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Devastation on the hills behind Rosis

LanguedocLiving, Sep 13

Pompiers battled through the night on Tuesday/Wednesday to try to contain a fire just above Rosis, l'Hérault.

Languedoc Living headquarters were at risk, along with the little hameau of Le Caberet, and the Buddhist refuge in Douch.

The fire started on the road leading up to the Espinouse. Locals say that it was started deliberately, but it could just as easily been started with a cigarette butt thrown out of a car window.

The fire spread down the sides of two hills heading towards our house, and then jumped a hill and headed towards St Gervais sur Mare.

Over 200 firefighters were busy all night, with 20 fire trucks, and various airborne vehicles. By 10am the fire looked to be under control, but the winds came up, and it ignited again.

The local look out tower has been manned all summer, but as the volunteers went back to study or to school at the beginning of September, the tower is no longer manned full time. Despite an early call to the pompiers by a local from the village, the fire was very difficult to contain due to the dense vegetation, and difficult access.

As I write, having had little sleep, the heroic firefighters are still there, and a helicopter is gradually containing the fire by dumping water from a height. See the video on our facebook page, which was taken from Douch looking across to Rosis.

Elsewhere in the region, a fire broke out again near Montagnac. More than 120 fire fighters were called to the scene late afternoon on Tuesday, as the fire once again headed towards the Abbaye de Valmagne. More than 25 hectares were burned.

The fire was quickly contained, and the area was safe again by 7pm.


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