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Disabled woman stuck with no lift for 3 months

France 3/Scoop, Mar 19

A disabled person has been stranded in her apartment since the end of December because of a lift failure. The apartment on boulevard de l’Europe in Beauzelle, north of Toulouse was flooded in December, and the lift broke down.

Mme Maris-Josette Mazière is 70, and she lives alone on the second floor. Paralysed in her legs, her only movement is in a wheelchair. The nurse comes to see her three times a week and thankfully she has a good neighbour on the floor above - a woman with a baby, who does her shopping for her.

The trustees of the building, Square Habitat in Toulouse, are still waiting for the insurance to come through for the €50,000 work to fix the lift, and at the moment there is no date for the repairs.

Marie-Josette Mazière has run out of patience, and has decided to file a complaint with the Public Prosecutor at Toulouse for “breach of contractual obligations leading to the serious deterioration of living conditions of a vulnerable person”.

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