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Dog tied to moving car by a hunter

MidiLibre/Scoop, Jan 2

In Saint-Etienne-des-Sorts, the owner of Rocky the dog has filed a complaint with the gendarmerie.

Éric de Sousa returned to his home in the afternoon on Monday, to find his dog missing from the garden. “It was around 8:45 pm that a hunter came to tell me that he had seen my dog, wounded, on the hills of Saint-Etienne-des-Sorts. We went there and I found my dog ​​on the roadside.” The dog was taken to the vet, who treated him for muscular damage.

The next day, a neighbour and her husband contacted Éric de Souza in order to give him their support, but also the neighbour reported that he had seen the same hunter tie the dog to his pickup truck, and had set off at speed. The dog was “flying like a flag”, reported the neighbour.

More than angry, Éric de Souza went to the police at Pont-Saint-Esprit to file a complaint, and an investigation was opened.

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