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Domaine Monplézy, Délice Vin de France

Rosemary George MW, Feb 2

Domaine Monplézy, Délice Vin de France – 22.00€ for 50 cl. bottle

This is an utterly delicious late harvest Grenache, and an example of how good the sweet wines of the Languedoc can be. They are often overlooked, and that is our loss.

They do not really conform to any appellation and often have a clumsy mention on the label about being made from partially fermented grape juice.

In fact, the grapes are left to hang on the vines well into the autumn, until they become quite shrivelled and the juice rich and concentrated. The wine ferments slowly and is kept in an oak barrel for two years.

The flavours are rich and concentrated, and redolent of ripe cherry fruit. Délice would be perfect with dark chocolate, so if you are looking for a treat on a long winter’s evening ……

Domaine Monplézy,
Chemin Mère des Fontaines, a turning off the road to Roujan
Pézenas 34120 

Tel : 04 67 98 27 81

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