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Dumb burglar stuck in dumb waiter in a restaurant

MidiLibre/Scoop, May 19

The burglary of a restaurant in the Place Jean-Jaurès, Ecusson turned into a fiasco on Monday. One of the burglars got stuck in the dumb waiter for two hours and had to be rescued. 

On Monday morning at 5:20am, the police received a call from the burglar, who was appealing for help.

The 18 year old had to be rescued by fire fighters. Three burglars had entered the building, and they were trying to get down to the basement via the dumb waiter.

While the police were rescuing the stuck burglar, one of the other burglars escaped. Two of them were taken in for questioning, and the police are still looking for the other one who escaped.

According to the police investigation, the trio was particularly well informed about the configuration of the premises.

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