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What the papers said 20 Oct 2017

The on-going struggle between separatist Catalonia and the Spanish central government in Madrid continues to dominate the front pages, with most commentators suggesting the conflict has now gone far enough. And four English pensioners enthralled a crowd…

rfi English, Oct 20


10-year-old boy dies from rabies

A boy has died in France after being bitten by a puppy whilst on holiday abroad. The ten-year-old, from the Rhone in eastern France, contracted the illness after being bitten by a puppy on a beach in Dikwella in southern Sri Lanka. When he was originally…

The Local, Oct 19


What the papers said 11 Oct 2017

The debate continues on Catalan independence. The Spanish region is doing a Theresa…

rfi English, Oct 11


Today at Commission, no more Brexit metaphors

To watch this week: European commissioners meet in Brussels on Wednesday to discuss…

Politico, Oct 10


UK border guard held in France over smuggling

A British border guard was one of 12 people arrested in Britain and France as part…

The Local, Oct 9


What the papers said about Spain on 5 October

Madrid and Barcelona head for a final showdown over Catalonia. The tone of Spain's…

rfi English, Oct 5

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