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Expensive safety camera returned despite success

France 3/Scoop, Jan 12

Do you remember the new radar to spot vehicles who don’t give way to pedestrians on crossings, which was installed in La Grande-Motte in August? Well the day it was declared to have been a great success, was the same day that it was then dismantled and given back to the manufacturers.

The complex machine with multiple cameras is triggered whenever a car refuses priority to a pedestrian on the crossing. It systematically alerts the municipal police, who can then decide whether to give a verbal warning, or whether to impose the fine of €135 and 4 points on their licence.

After five months trial, the number of potential offences had dropped from 900 per month to 300 per month, so the trial was clearly successful.

However, the machine costs €30,000, which was deemed too expensive for La Grande-Motte, so they have decided to return it now that the 5 months allocated trial period has finished.

It remains to be seen whether the number of offences rise again, or whether enough drivers have been ‘re-educated’ so as not to commit the offence again.

[My money’s on the former. Ed.]

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