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‘Father Christmas’ charged with theft in Béziers

The Connexion, Dec 19

Two men dressed as Father Christmas have used the seasonal disguise to steal handbags, presents, and bottles of wine and Champagne.

Both men - who operated entirely separately in different towns - appear to have profited from the character’s usual cheerful and giving reputation, and the common sight of “false Father Christmases” at this time of year, to break the law while disguised.

The first case involved a man who was arrested in Béziers last week, suspected of dressing in a big red jacket and false white beard to allegedly steal handbags from passing women in the street, reports news source 20 Minutes.

More recently, a second “Father Christmas” was stopped in the Gard, suspected of burglary. He was said to have been carrying a sack that included several stolen presents, as well as several “good bottles” of wine and Champagne.

Both men are still awaiting their respective convictions before correctional tribunals.

The first has been charged with theft, and the second with breaking and entering.

Both are still in police custody while they await trial in their respective regions, although it appears unlikely that either is still dressed as Father Christmas...

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