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Festive foods by the Languedoc Photography Group

LanguedocLiving, Jan 11

The Languedoc Photography Group had a bit of fun over the festive period, submitting photos of festive food. It was close, but there can only be two winners!

First place goes to Sarah Reid for her festive table, with the fire in the background. The photo couldn’t be more festive, and the anticipation of what’s going to be delivered to the table makes it intriguing.  Sarah said "It was taken our first Christmas here and I wanted the table to look really special. I collected old vine roots and pine cones, lightly sprayed them white and mixed with other decorations. That, and the light of the fire, gave me the look I was after. I grabbed a quick shot before guests arrived and messed it all up!"

Second place goes to Lizzie Bennett for her mince pies. Lizzie, originally from Cornwall said, “I make my own mincemeat, and make hundreds of pies every year. Our French neighbours love them too.

Well done Sarah and Lizzie for the festive photos.

The next competition is snow, ice and wintery themes, so join the group if you want to take part.

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