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V-films – Part One

Yes!! Against the odds, thanks to some diligent film-watching which has been assiduously focused towards the wrong end of the alphabet, I can offer you not one but two blogs on films beginning with V!! And all this without resorting to V for Vendetta!!…

Film Buff, Jan 5


Films starting with U

There’s probably not a film called Touchables, or Stoppable, or Friended. There is one called Forgotten, apparently, but it’s not a watchable TV box-set. No, what you’re looking for here is the complete opposite. It’s sometimes…

Film Buff, Nov 30


T-films: Part Six

That’s it (at last) for actual films beginning with T, but what is the best…

Film Buff, Oct 19


T-films, Part 5

True to form, I’m finishing off my review of T-films by running through the…

Film Buff, Sep 14


More 'T' films

Continuing my alphabetical survey of T-films, inevitably I come to one in which…

Film Buff, Aug 11


T Films - Three

Part Three of my continuing survey of T-films brings me now to a particular alphabetical…

Film Buff, Jul 7


T2 – Film Buff is back

Fans of Film Buff will be pleased to see that he’s back this week with some…

Film Buff, Jun 8


T-films -Part One

[For those of you with a delicate nature, you may wish to avoid watching the video.…

Film Buff, May 4


Line-up for 71st Cannes Film Festival unveiled

The Cannes Film Festival has urged Tehran and Moscow to let outspoken directors…

rfi English, Apr 27


Le Bout du Monde – film festival in Pézenas

On May 4,5,6 don’t miss the 8th edition of the Australian film festival in…

LanguedocLiving, Apr 21


Film festival programme

Friday 4th May Au Bout du Monde kicks off on Friday evening at 7pm with an opening…

LanguedocLiving, Apr 21


S-Films: part 4, the classics

Before I get on to some unimpeachably classic S-films - there’ll be something…

Film Buff, Mar 23


Six must-see French films

France has produced some fantastic films in recent months and the best six have…

LanguedocLiving, Mar 17


S-films: Part Three

I wondered about making this instalment entirely about the very best of the rest…

Film Buff, Feb 23


S-films: Part Two

I was very sorry to learn last month that the popular mystery writer Sue Grafton…

Film Buff, Jan 25


S-films: Part One

They say that when you retire, you should finally get around to reading Proust.…

Film Buff, Dec 15


R-films: Part Four – R is for Rocky

In the town of Balboa things are about to get rocky for Joan Bennett in The Reckless…

Film Buff, Nov 24


Murder on the Orient Express

By Chris Elliott The release of the Kenneth Branagh’s latest film ‘Murder…

LanguedocLiving, Nov 17


Reasons to watch R films, part three

Two instalments enough?? My R’s! And so I’ll continue here to interleave…

Film Buff, Oct 14


Part two - 'R' films you need to watch or…

R-films - Part Two  If, on the basis of my blog about Q-films, you rushed off…

Film Buff, Sep 15


Film Buff is back with 'R' films

R-films - Part One  My quiz question last time asked you which 2006 R-film…

Film Buff, Aug 12



Long before he met Debbie McGee, Phil Daniels starred as Jimmy in Quadrophenia,…

Film Buff, Jun 30


No-one does bleakness quite like the Russians

The Cannes Film Festival takes us on nightmare journeys through Siberia and Queens,…

France 24, May 26


P-films, Part Two

Gangway! More clearing the decks, before I talk about Pulp Fiction. First, though,…

Film Buff, May 19


LA French film festival debuts Nazi escape…

Joseph Joffo's childhood came to an end at the age of 10, when his father gave him…

rfi English, Apr 29


P-films: part one

Out of my way, I’ve got to P! Clear the decks. Two of the greatest films of…

Film Buff, Apr 15


O-Films: Part Two

By Film Buff Last time I wrote about some O-films, the titles of which featured…

Film Buff, Mar 11


O-Films: Part One

By Film Buff   Let me put a preposition to you. Or rather, four: ‘of’;…

Film Buff, Feb 10


Under 18s allowed to watch sex at the movies

Minors in France will no longer be automatically banned from going to see films…

The Local, Jan 27


N- films, part two – the good ones!

Last time I wrote about some not that brilliant N-films: here are some very good…

Film Buff, Dec 17


N-films: Part One

All in all the film does little to illuminate its apparent subject, is far too long,…

Film Buff, Dec 10


M-films: final part

Do you remember that film? What film? The one about the man. What man? The man who…

Film Buff, Oct 14


M-films: part two

Last time I promised that I would continue in alphabetical order as I write about…

Film Buff, Sep 24


Film Buff is back with 'M' films

My, my, you’re in for a treat here. Not only are there some great films beginning…

Film Buff, Aug 27


L-films: the oldies are the best

As promised, here I’ll discuss some older films beginning with L, together…

Film Buff, Jul 22


L-films, Part Two

With the best will in the world, many of you, I know, had absolutely no intention…

Film Buff, Jun 4


L-films (Part One)

L is not for elves, it’s for genuine works of art like The Life And Death…

Film Buff, Apr 30


Kiss-kiss films

Film Buff has been thinking about films beginning with the letter K. By Film Buff…

Film Buff, Mar 17


Spotlight on minorities, women at the Césars

A record number of women and ethnic minorities will compete for the Césars,…

France 24, Feb 26


Beat the Winter Blues with J-films

More from our Film Buff, reminding us that in February, it might be nicer to settle…

Film Buff, Feb 5


I-films: Part Two

It’s the burning question of our time - should you watch The Iron Lady or…

Film Buff, Dec 11



You’d have thought, perhaps, if you ever thought about it, that first-person…

Film Buff, Nov 14


Don't drop your H's

Part two - Film Buff completes his marathon of 'H’ films It’s a well-known…

Film Buff, Sep 18



Film Buff is back with a laugh-out-loud review of 'H' films, but with a warning…

Film Buff, Aug 8


The G spot - part 2

G films – Part 2  Some of the greatest films in the history of cinema…

Film Buff, Jul 4


G films – Part 1

Film Buff brings us reviews of films beginning with G this week. One of the greatest…

Film Buff, May 29


The F word revisited

I know the rules, so of course I won’t talk about Fight Club in this second…

Film Buff, Apr 24


The F word

As all film buffs know, F is for fake: F For Fake is a late Orson Welles film which…

Film Buff, Mar 20


More films

Winter evenings, good comfort food, and a film.   Our fim buff has reviewed…

Film Buff, Feb 7


A great love story

For many of us in Europe, Christmas is a time for partying. It’s also a time…

Film Buff, Dec 20


Film Fest

Light the fire, turn down the lights, get the snacks out, and have a film fest.…

Film Buff, Nov 1


Who killed Owen Taylor?

‘B’ Movies – Part Two Last time ('B' Movies - Part One) I…

Film Buff, Sep 26


‘B’ Movies – Part One

More from our Film Buff's heroic mission to review films from A to Z.....First,…

Film Buff, Aug 21


A film buff's delight

With so many films available now to watch at home, you’re spoilt for choice.…

Film Buff, Jul 22