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Foie gras is now officially banned in California

France 3/Scoop, Jan 8

On Monday the United States Supreme Court validated the ban on foie gras in California, the most populous state in the country, ending a long legal battle between supporters of this dish (mainly produced here in southwestern France) and activists of animal causes.

Entered into force in 2012, the law was suspended by the courts in 2015, and validated on appeal in 2017.

Producers of foie gras from Canada and New York, as well as a Californian restaurateur, had then appealed to the Supreme Court in defense of foie gras, "perhaps the most denigrated (and misunderstood) in the world”. They argued that a state could not ban a federally authorised product.

They had received support from France, which had considered that the California law was “an attack on the French tradition" where the foie gras is inscribed in the gastronomic and cultural heritage.

On Monday the courts finally rejected the appeal, and the law now comes into force. A $1,000 fine can be applied if the law is infringed.

“This victory for animals follows solid efforts by animal rights activists to oppose the archaic foie gras industry,” the Peta asociation said, denouncing in a statement "a cruel production process. ".

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