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France calls on ‘lying’ UK politicians to drop Brexit

Politico, Nov 16

France’s economy minister on Friday said Brexit was leading Britain into “a nightmare” and called on “lying and irresponsible” Brexiteers to abandon their project, or face economic meltdown.
At an event on global trade in Paris Friday, Bruno Le Maire said Brexit showed “that leaving the European single market simply has an exorbitant cost.”

“Everyone is free to decide to leave the single market and the European Union. But what Brexit shows is that the economic cost of leaving the single market is simply exorbitant and that there are many lying and irresponsible politicians, who in Great Britain have explained to the British people that Brexit would result in bright tomorrows.”

“The truth is that, economically, Brexit can result in a nightmare.”

Le Maire said it was time for Brexiteers to acknowledge their mistake and go back on Brexit. “The British politicians, who have argued for Brexit, now have a choice between reneging on their absurd political promise or an economic disaster of which the British people will be the first victim.”

The French minister said that faced with a global trade war, Europe’s single market was a “considerable strength and protection.”

“We have a single market which is the largest commercial market in the world, which is our pride and our strength. And we want to defend this single market.”

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