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Furious train passengers faced 9 hour journey

France 3/Scoop, Mar 13

A pylon fell on the train tracks near Castelnaudary on Monday, totally interrupting the trains between Toulouse and Narbonne. Some users are furious about the conditions in which SNCF left them.

When the pylon fell on Monday, SNCF set up replacement buses for all those who were stranded on the trains, mid-journey. However, something went wrong, and the buses simply didn’t turn up.

One passenger said , “There were about 50 of us who had left the Toulouse Matabiau station at 15:55, in a TER bound for Narbonne. Our train was stopped on the tracks a good hour, then went into the station at d‘Escalquens. Once there, the controller told us to get off the train at 17:24, telling us that buses would pick us up to get us to our destination. At 19:30, no bus had come to recover us. We were all outside, with no possibility of shelter, in the cold, and no one to inform us of the situation.”

SNCF eventually sent a bus to pick the passengers up at 20:00, to go back to Toulouse. “When we arrived in Toulouse at 20:55, SNCF agents organised us to get back to Narbonne by bus. The bus arrived at Narbonne at 0:48 and I saw no one from SNCF ".

SNCF acknowledged, on its Twitter account, that there had been a bug in sending a bus to recover these fifty passengers:

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