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Gatwick shuts down amid chaos

LanguedocLiving, Dec 20

Gatwick airport ground to a halt on Wednesday evening, due to drones spotted over the airport. It opened briefly at 3am, and then closed again when more drones were spotted.

Police were not able to shoot the drones down, due to the risk of stray bullets.

The drones were not thought to be terrorist related.

110,000 people were due to travel via Gatwick on Thursday, and there were many disappointed people waiting to get home, waiting for Christmas visitors, or trying to get to the UK to see friends and family.

Planes were diverted as far away as Paris and Amsterdam, and there were reports of people grounded on flights for up to six hours.

As at Thursday evening, the airport was still closed, and all flights were cancelled.  An EasyJet manager has predicted that Gatwick was likely to be in chaos for several days given the backlog of flights throughout Europe.

The army was called in to bring the drones down on Thursday evening.  They arrived with "specialist equipment".

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