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GPS error saves two lives in Agde canal

LanguedocLiving, Jul 12

On Wednesday evening, Eric Lavergne, native of Aurillac (Cantal), was returning to the campsite in Agde where he was staying. He was travelling along Chemin 7 from Tamarissière, when he spotted a car in the canal with its four wheels in the air.

Without a second thought, he plunged into the water, submerged himself and managed to open the car door. He felt someone move, so he grabbed them and pulled them up to the surface. A father and his son emerged, still alive.

Eric’s wife called firefighters while Eric was saving the two passengers. Without a doubt, according to firefighters who arrived later, Eric saved the two people from drowning. Eric said shyly “I did what everyone would have done, you can’t just watch someone drown.”

"We would not have arrived in time," the fire department admitted. "When we arrived, Eric had taken the father and his son out of the water. He really saved them. They owe him their lives, that’s for certain.”

Yves the father, and his son Tom, are still shocked by what has happened to them. “We were coming back from the beach and as there was a traffic jam I took the chemin 7. When I took the turning I was dazzled by the sun, and I missed the turn and drove into water. We had time to take off our seat belts and as the car turned over, my son had the instinct to pick up his phone and we called the fire department, But we were underwater very fast. We had our heads under the water, it was over, when suddenly we were grabbed and pulled out of the water. We would be dead now if it’s wasn’t for Eric."

Eric was only on the chemin 7 because his GPS system had sent him the wrong way. A mistake that saved the lives of two people!

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