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Health authorities fear measles epidemic

LanguedocLiving, Mar 16

Health authorities fear that the country could be facing a measles epidemic after a dramatic increase in the number of people afflicted by the highly contagious disease. Last month a woman from Poitiers who hadn’t been vaccinated died from the disease.

After the event, the hospital at Poitiers demanded that anyone entering the emergency wards should wear a mask, and they vaccinated 54 members of staff.

Authorities are worried that the rate of vaccinations in the south western Nouvelle-Acquitane region is too low to cope with the epidemic.

It is believed between 70 and 81 percent of the public are vaccinated in the region.

Measles has been officially wiped out in the United States due to a vaccination program put in place over recent decades, although USA Today announced that passengers travelling through Detroit, Newark and Memphis may have been exposed to the measles virus this week, due to travelling passengers who had contracted the disease in Belgium and France.

France’s plans to eliminate the disease include making anti-measles injections one of the eight new vaccinations that became obligatory for all children born since January 1 this year. 

Source The Local, USA Today


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