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How to buy makeup in France

Géraldine Lepère, Jan 14

Géraldine from Comme Une Francaise gives us some helpful advice about how to buy makeup in France – either for yourself, or for a present for someone else.

Some useful vocabulary:

Makeup is le maquillage
The verb is se maquiller
‘Je me maquille’
Careful, because maquiller on its own means to fake! 

Foundation is un fond de teint
Colour of skin is couleur de peau
Dark skin is peau foncée
Light skin is peau claire
Powder or cream is une poudre compacte ou une crème
Blusher is du blush
Brush is un pinceau

Lipstick is du rouge à lèvres
Lip brush is un pinceau à lèvres
Lip pencil is un crayon à lèvres
Eye shadow is une ombre à paupières ou un fard à paupières
Eye liner is un crayon pour les yeux / eyeliner
Mascara is du mascara
Tweezers are une pince à épiler

Day moisturiser is une crème de jour
Night moisturiser is une crème de nuit
Eye cream is un contour des yeux
Exfoliator is un gommage
Makeup remover is un démaquillant

Watch the video for more about makeup, nails, purfumes, and how to shop for all of this.

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