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How to correct your 2018 income tax return

The Connexion, Aug 16

If you made an error or omission on your 2018 income tax return, now is the time to correct it.

With tax notices being delivered, taxpayers who declared online have until December 31 to file any changes, additions or corrections via their personal space on the tax website, where a corriger ma déclaration en ligne (correct my return online) option is available.

It possible to amend almost all information declared online, though any changes to personal family situations must be dealt with via secure messaging service, and any changes of address must be made in the Gérer mon profi (Manage my profile) section.

A receipt acknowledging the changes can be downloaded and printed - and claimants must be able to provide any supporting documents at a later date if so requested.

Online corrections may result in a decrease or increase in the amount of tax due. Any overpayment already made will be refunded. Alternatively the lower net tax amount will be due - and monthly payments will be automatically adjusted.

In the event of an increase in the amount due, individuals will be informed on how to pay the additional sum.

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