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Hérault mayors refuse to meet Macron

LanguedocLiving, Jan 18

Only 19 mayors of the 342 mayors in Hérault went to Souillac, Lot this Friday to meet with Macron as part of the great national debate.

Christian Bilhac, socialist mayor of Péret since 1983, and president of the association of the Hérault mayors, considers that he “has no reason to go there”, and he’s not mincing his words.

The mayors invited to attend Act 2 of the Grand Debate this Friday, were to be chosen by lottery, but there was no need to do a draw in the Hérault, because only 19 applied to go. This represents 5.6% of the mayors in the department.

Christian Bilhac explained to the Midi Libre why he has chosen not to go.

Why did not you go to meet Emmanuel Macron, who came this Friday to discuss with the elected officials of Occitanie?

“Because I had no reason to go, moreover, I had more reasons not to go!"

Can you specify those reasons?

“It’s three hours travel, but that’s just a detail. Consultations? That’s enough of that. Negotiations are needed, the President can consult whoever he wants, but without me!”

You do not believe in the Great National Debate?

"I believe in intermediate bodies. For problems of public management, he can meet with mayors, and elected officials … For problems of agriculture, he can discuss with the right people, and the unions … For justice, the magistrates’ unions … In short, with specialists, with recognised officials who know the subjects they are talking about.”

You also question the method?

"Suppose Emmanuel Macron spends six hours with the mayors. We are told that they are 700. Count, that's 30 seconds to dedicate to each mayor. Knowing that the answer is on average four times longer than the question, it's six or seven seconds per mayor! How can we get to the bottom of things? I worked on the housing tax, I spent thirty hours on it! So I'm not going to Souillac. I prefer discussions around a table, with specialists. Otherwise, it's called the coffee shop. And the coffee of commerce is not made to administer France.”

[Ouch. Ed]

Here are the mayors who went:

Gérard Canovas (Balaruc-les-Bains),
Stéphane Pépin-Bonet (Bessan),
Agnès Rouvière-Esposito (Buzignargues),
Thierry Cazals (Cazedarnes),
Philippe Vidal (Cazouls-les-Béziers),
Jean-Claude Lacroix (Ceyras),
Daniel Piva (Ferrals-les-Montagnes),
René Revol (Grabels),
Jean-Luc Savy (Juvignac),
Louis Villaret (Le Pouget),
Yann Llopis (Montagnac),
Jean-Marc Lussert (Prades-le-Lez),
Michel Farenc (Puissalicon),
Jean-Noël Badenas (Puisserguier),
Philippe Machetel (Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert),
Jean Costes (Salasc),
Bernard Auriol (Sauvian),
François Commeinhes (Sète),
Jean-Paul Galonnier (Villeneuve-lès-Béziers).

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