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Invasion of wolf spiders in Montpellier school

LanguedocLiving, Oct 16

Seven classes have been closed in Montpellier due to an invasion of wolf spiders.

In the Ovalie district, seven classes have remained closed since Wednesday, 10 October because the prefab buildings have been invaded by wolf spiders.

After a treatment and cleaning operation on Friday, and an inspection on Monday and Tuesday morning, the classes at the Olympe-de-Gouges school finally reopened on Tuesday afternoon.

On Tuesday, at noon, the city’s technical services informed the school management that “there is no longer any health risk for children, and they can safely be back on the premises.”

The wolf spider is not known to be aggressive; however, they will bite if they feel like they are in harm or danger. They also move extremely fast when they are disturbed. If bitten by a Wolf Spider, the wound should not be bandaged but an ice pack should be placed on the bite to reduce swelling. Their bite is poisonous but not deadly.

Treatment for Wolf Spider Bite

Wash the bite area with soap and warm water and keep the wound clean. Place an ice pack or cool cloth on the wound to help reduce pain and swelling. Elevate the wound if it’s on the arm. Take over-the-counter medications for swelling and itching.

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