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Italy fumes over Mona Lisa in French football kit

LanguedocLiving, Jul 18

The Louvre has tweeted an image of the Mona Lisa sporting a French football kit.

The Italians have been trying to get the Mona Lisa repatriated to Italy for years now, so they see this latest move by the Louvre as another twist in the knife by the French.

Twitter comments came thick and fast.

“The Mona Lisa is Italian because it’s the work of an Italian. Full stop. THE ARTWORK IS OURS."

"To celebrate you use an Italian painting. Useless Ignoramuses. You should hide in shame."

“When French want to show something beautiful, rest assured that that 'something' is Italian."

The painting was valued at £604m in 2017. It has been on permanent display in the Paris museum since 1797, despite regular petitions from the Italians to get it back on Italian soil.

The Louvre retaliated by saying “For information, the Mona Lisa was sold by Leonardo da Vinci to King Francis I.” [In other words it’s my toy and I’ll do what I like with it. Ed]

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