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Jail for drunken lorry driver in Hérault

LanguedocLiving, Jul 12

Police in Balaruc-les-Bains, Hérault stopped a 41-year-old truck driver last week, after seeing that he was on the phone while driving.

When the police stopped him, they were suspicious that the driver had been drinking, and breathalysed him. They found that the driver was four times over the limit, and had 2.18g/l of alcohol in his blood. The limit is 0.5g/l.

Police also confirmed that the driver was driving on a probationary licence after a previous infraction, and the tracker on his truck revealed that he had a history of not respecting the legal limits for driving and rest times for truck drivers.

The driver’s licence was confiscated for a period of six months, and he was summoned to court.

This week he was sentenced to 10 months in prison - of which four months will be in a closed jail - followed by a suspended sentence.

His driving licence was cancelled and he will not be permitted to re-take the test for another 18 months.

His previous conviction for drink-driving - a four-month suspended sentence handed down in the Haute-Savoie on February 13 2017 - was also taken into account and revoked in light of his more recent, more serious conviction.

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