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Jardin Saint-Adrien case gets nasty in public

MidiLibre/Scoop, Jul 18

Daniel Malgouyres and his wife Françoise, were at loggerheads in front of the Court of Appeal in Montpellier on Tuesday morning.

"Tell her I still have feelings for her! I proved it to her!" shouted Daniel on the videoconference screen. Sitting at the hearing in Montpellier, Francoise, his wife, shook her head in denial. She was alone, on the benches on the right of the room, facing her husband, who has been imprisoned for murder and attempted murder, and who was speakign from Béziers prison.

On the left bench, with a big space between them, was their daughter, Aurélie, surrounded by friends, and other members of the Malgouyres family.

The family is divided, and resentment bursts out from every corner.

On October 5, 2017 Daniel Malgouyres, shot and killed a robber / intruder. The story got complicated when it turned out that one of the robbers was a friend of the family. Infidelities are rumoured, there’s a horse accident, missing money, and accusations galore.

Richard Llop, who looked after Francoise’s horse, has also been arrested for having participated in the robbery.

Since then, revelations, theatrics and new clues have followed one after the other. Daniel’s illegal mobile phone has been tapped in prison, and the judge declared "We feel a certain animosity from Daniel towards his wife and his son. He accuses his wife of having been the mistress of Richard Llop, and to be in on the plot. "

On her bench, Francoise smiled openly. Daniel Malgouyres returned a moment later: "My son had a harmful influence on Francoise, who was not herself after her horse accident of June 2017. My son had a terrible hatred against me. There was a rumour that Françoise had a relationship with a horse rider who was there at the accident, but I said that wasn’t true." 

Mr. Darrigade, Daniel’s lawyer is fighting to demand the release of his client, who denies any involvement in the organisation of this crime. "According to Aurélie, Daniel’s daughter, Richard Llop proposed the idea to Francoise to recruit henchmen to get rid of her husband and his mistress, Yolanda," revealed the lawyer. 

€450 000 missing

"What a liar!" shouted Françoise. “We are talking about hidden money. A lot of money. Here, €100 000 in a stable, there, €111 000 in a buried jar. Tell me where did the €450 000 go?”

The marital crisis was played out in court, thanks to a miniature device which Oliver the son got for his mother to record conversations. Various arguments were played out, including discussions about a divorce and splitting the house and savings.

On September 7, Françoise and Daniel changed their status with a lawyer, so that in the case of a divorce, their fortune would be divided between them equally.

Françoise Malgouyres answers the questions in court: "I have all his family against me, my own son and daughter are against me, it's monstrous what's going on in this business, between my husband and his son. There has been hatred between them for 16 years. And now my husband is struggling to support him. Daniel says he loves me but he is in touch with his mistress again.” 

Another twist to the tale is that Francoise now believes that her horse accident was deliberately arranged. In June 2017, Françoise was injured by her horse, and spent two weeks in a coma. Today, she wonders. "There were all three of them, my husband, Richard Llop, and the father of one of the thugs who attacked us, they were there the day my horse crushed my head. A horse does not crush the person who rides him every day. I did not suspect anything at first, but when I talk to other riders, they tell me, "It's weird what happened to you."”

The case continues.

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