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Julie 'won't forget' Arnaud Beltrame

France 3/Scoop, Mar 25

‘Julie’ is the woman in the supermarket who was saved by Arnaud Beltrame.

The married 40 year old woman is a mother to a two year old girl.

She is still in shock and doesn’t want to talk much about her ordeal yet.

Julie lives in Carcassonne, and is a safety engineer. When she lost her job last year, she got a temporary job as a cashier in the Super U at Trèbes, a town of 5,000 inhabitants.

On Friday, while some of her colleagues managed to get out of the supermarket under attack, she was grabbed by the gunman who used her as a human shield. She was with him for 45 minutes, in what must have been a terrifying ordeal. She knows that she owes her life to the brace policeman Arnaud Beltrame who offered himself up in place of her, and who sadly lost his life after being shot and stabbed by the gunman when the police stormed the supermarket.

Julie says that she will never forget the brave policeman.

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