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La Toussaint

LanguedocLiving, Oct 30

On the 31st October, Catholics celebrate Toussaint, or All Saints. On Sunday, it’s the tradition to go to cemeteries to lay flowers on the graves of loved ones. The French call it ‘fleurir les tombes’.

Chrysanthemums are the traditional flower to use, which is why you’ve probably seen signs on the sides of roads this week to say “Les Chrysanthèmes sont arrives!

Beware though, don’t be tempted to give these flowers as gifts, that’s not done, especially for the more traditional elderly French people. There is too much association with graves to consider this to be a flower to have around the house.

Learn more about Toussaint from Géraldine Lepère's video.  She also talks about Halloween and whether it’s celebrated in France.  

You can see more from Géraldine on

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